Fatih Ertürk

CEO / Founder


Fatih Ertürk is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Isotork Machinery. Starting his career in CNC machinery, Fatih has deepened his knowledge in production, business development and management and has held leading positions in various sectors. It is especially specialized in CNC aluminum processing machines and mechanical systems. Prior to joining Isotork, Fatih worked for a number of leading companies where he achieved significant success in manufacturing and engineering. These experiences enabled him to develop technical know-how and strategic thinking skills.

As CEO at Isotork, Fatih Ertürk plays a critical role in setting and implementing the company’s overall strategy. He leads the company in achieving its growth targets, increasing market share and integrating technological innovations. Under Fatih’s management, Isotork has made a name for itself by offering innovative solutions in the CNC panel processing machinery sector.

Expertise and Skills

Fatih’s areas of expertise include production management, automation systems, product development, quality control and business development strategies. In addition, thanks to his strong leadership skills and visionary approach, he plays an important role in Isotork’s leading position in the sector.

CNC Machining Technologies
Mechanical Engineering
Machine Design
Production Management


Roketsan Atmaca Missile Launch Wings Project

In this project, Fatih Ertürk played a critical role in the production process of specially designed launch wings for the Atmaca missile developed by Roketsan. The launch wings are designed to improve the aerodynamic performance and accuracy of the missile. In this project, by using precision engineering skills and advanced manufacturing techniques, he contributed to the production of high quality fins that will enable the missile to successfully reach its target.

Togg Automobile Mold Production Project

The Togg automobile mold production project is an important step towards Turkey’s domestic and national automobile production. In this project, Fatih Ertürk worked as Auto Machining Manager at AER Otomotiv and played an important role in the design and manufacturing of molds to be used in the production of car body parts. Mold production is critical in meeting safety standards as well as the aesthetic and functional characteristics of the car.


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