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Enis Sever

Mechanical Engineer


Enis Sever is a Mechanical Engineer at Isotork Makine. After completing his engineering studies, he specialized in CNC machines and mechanical production. Before joining Isotork, Enis worked on various projects in machine design and improvement of production processes. These experiences enabled him to develop his technical skills and problem solving ability.

As a Mechanical Engineer at Isotork, Enis Sever plays an important role in the company’s product development and engineering work. He specializes in the design and optimization of CNC aluminum machining machines. Enis’ work is critical to Isotork’s ability to deliver high quality and efficient machines to its customers.

Expertise and Skills

Enis Sever plays an active role in Isotork’s R&D and innovation activities. By developing innovative solutions and adopting a continuous improvement approach, it contributes to maintaining the company’s technological leadership and standing out in the market competition

Mechanical Production
Machine Design
R&D Studies
Quality and Control

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