sefa ince isotork

Sefa İnce

Sales and Marketing


Sefa İnce is the Sales and Marketing Manager of Isotork Makine. Starting his professional career in marketing, Sefa has deepened in sales and business development over time and has achieved significant success in various sectors. She specializes in B2B marketing strategies, customer relationship management and product launches. Prior to joining Isotork, Sefa held strategic marketing-sales and IT positions at a number of leading companies. has been involved. These experiences have given him an exceptional ability to understand market dynamics and accurately identify customer needs.

As Sales and Marketing Manager at İsotork, Sefa İnce plays a critical role in the development and implementation of the company’s sales and marketing strategies. It carries out activities aimed at expanding its product portfolio, increasing its market share and strengthening brand awareness. Led by Sefa, the team strives to maximize customer satisfaction and build long-term business relationships.

Expertise and Skills

Market Research
Competition Analysis
Digital Marketing
Pricing Strategies

Sefa İnce makes a significant contribution to Isotork’s achievement of its growth targets. His in-depth knowledge and experience in marketing and sales is vital to increase the company’s competitive advantage and consolidate its leading position in the industry.


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